As I look into your eyes
I see a saddened cry
You think that one day I won’t be there

As I whisper in your ear
You keep inside a darkened fear
That one day I just won’t care

But I tell you now I’ll never leave
What must I do to make you believe
That I’ll never go away
Just hold inside that I love you true
That love will always shine for you
Again I say
I’ll forever stay

Will you ever understand
A woman’s the best part of a man?
And that you’re the biggest part of me?

Can’t I make it clear to you
That there’s nothing I won’t do
To keep you here next to me?

So I tell you now I’ll never leave
What must I do so that you’ll believe
I’ll forever stay
Hold my love deep inside of you
And it will always shine clear and true
My love has found
The perfect ground

Just hold me close and you will know
That I’m the one who’ll never go
My love will keep on shining through
I’ll be there forever true…

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