Artificial Light

[2 Timothy 4:3-4, Matthew 23:26-28, Matthew 15:14]

In the morning when the sun does rise
The shadows awaken with a tempered flare
Following and leading the prideful heart
To the darkened pit of despair

As the darkness hides the sins of the day
And befriends the secrets of the night
There are those who stand terrified
That what they’ve done will be brought to light

To feel better about who they are
Some gather others like them near
They talk and sing and listen
To what their itching ears want to hear

There are some whose lives stay hidden
Though the pain is seen so clear
It’s the light which draws them closer
But the darkness that holds them in fear

White-washed tombs that are filled with bones
Bright colors that clothe the dead
Wanting to share what they feel inside
But painting it pretty instead

Looking for direction in a blind man’s eyes
For truth in a liar’s lair
For hope in the heart of the helpless
And those who no longer care

But the time will come when those in the shadows
Will step into the light of the sun
To learn the truth that will set them free
And the will that will carry them on…

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