You are Beautiful, my child
And I know that you are scared
Things are not as you’d hoped they would be
But I want you to know
Although you feel alone
I am with you and am working to set you free

This is not the life I want for you
Or a pain I want you to endure
But this world is not what I intend
Though it all has gone astray
The plans for you I’ve made
Will bring your sorrow to an end

Take my hand and follow me
And I will show you something new
I will show you something true
Let me put my arms around you
That you may know that you are loved
That you may know your Daddy above

There is hope for you, my child
So have courage in what’s to come
Even as you tread carefully in the dark
For a brand new life awaits you
Much more than can be dreamed
Where you can dare to make your mark

You are precious to me, my child
And I’ve never left your side
Though you think I’ve left you far behind
Am I powerless to save you?
Do you think I cannot hear?
Is it possible that I could be so blind?

Once you asked I leave you be
You thought that would make you free
But now you live more like a slave
But here I am to rescue you
Here I am to set you loose
So turn to me and in my arms be saved

Take my hand and walk with me
And creation will come alive
And you will learn to thrive
Let me put my arms around you
That you may know your Daddy above
For you are Beautiful, my love

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