Between the Lines

Exposing the heart
With well-chosen words
Is a time-embraced event
By finding the hidden
Thought of mind
Behind a twisted word

Digging for gold among the clay
To decode the secret message for the day
Sifting through rubble, rubbish and rust
And tossing away that one piece of dust

Among the shining leaves of gold
Beneath the designer clothes
There is something that is
Trying to be said
We try to understand the things
That are spoken under breath
And try to figure out
What’s going on inside their heads

Instead of knowing what was meant
And sharing their grand designs
We must search for clues
To help us read between the lines

When hiding the heart
With unchosen words
Our eyes expose it all
The thought, its meaning
Its magical truth
Yet no one sees it there

Buried in conflicting thoughts
Surfacing only when our backs are turned
Ideas lost through pressured lips
Found again once no one cares…

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