"I don't have enough faith to be an atheist."Frank Turek

Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, did you know that the Three Wise Men never made it to Bethlehem that night? The Christmas Story, along with the Nativity scene (however ethnically incorrect those participants may be), always tells the story that includes the three wise men, or “magi” as the later translations of the Bible …

Hope Is Peace

I was recently in Houston with my family, and on our last day of our trip, we were planning to visit the NASA Space Center there. Early that morning, I went out for a walk to engage God in conversation. During that time, I began considering and praying for all …

The Science of Speaking Truth

Too often, our own pride and the desire to have a meaningful impact on the world around us affect our objectivity, and we find ourselves providing more opinion and subjective narrative than we do truthful insight and objective perspectives.

So how can those to whom I speak know the difference? How do they know if what I speak is the truth or just my opinion? Every day they are bombarded with falsehoods and half-truths that they feel obliged to accept. How can I possibly influence them in the right way if I use only the same tools the rest of the world does?

In order to ground our investigation in truth

Why Can’t God Abolish Evil?

Mankind was charged with leadership and dominion of all the animal kingdom. He was not just given authority and power, but responsibility. Many may mention, if not too casually, that freewill—the human ability to choose right and wrong—was part of the package. I agree, it sounds too “convenient” for Christians …

Greater Evidence

The world has always been too small for the likes of mankind. We have always been seekers of the truth, always looking for that which we cannot see. We want to know everything, to be like God. In the beginning, this was precisely why the first man and woman succumbed …