He Who Has Ears

I Was There

I Was There

I was there in the garden early that day
To bring you and your companions to court
When the one you called “friend” had kissed your cheek
I wondered what I was really there for

I was there when they brought you before the governor
When they said you claimed to be a king
But I saw in your eyes there was something more
A strange but wonderful thing…

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It Was Me

It Was Me

I watched him in the garden
Greet his friend there with a kiss
Silent as he was led away
Though the soldiers had much to say
Against him

I watched him in the courtyard
Afraid they’d take him too…

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Scattered Truth

Scattered Truth

It gets tossed along the busy streets
Where every kind of bird and insect feed
Trampled underfoot and turned to dust
The hungry find their fill
Yet they remain unsatisfied

It often lands upon the gravel road
A place that’s rough where the rain hardly falls…

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