Constant Change

By the hands on a clock
The time of day appears to change
Different by the minute
Beckoning the seconds to tick away
Here we go ’round again
Will the changes ever end
Or will they stay the same
As they’ve always been
Changing. Changing.

Changing into things we’d like to see
Moving to places we’d like to be
Places. Places.

Faces of those we know
Cruel or kind, friend or foe
Talking with strangers
Listening alone.

Change the condition
Strengthened by superstition
That says there’s no need
To be like all the rest

Constant time, constant space
A constant fear, a constant place
Constantly changing

Changing the way we use our time
Changing the way we change our minds
Dreaming. Dreaming.

Dreaming of faces that we know
Cruel and kind, friend and foe
Dreaming of strangers
Dreaming alone.

Staring at a clock
Thinking about the time of day
Twenty-four before
The hours hadn’t sadly ticked away
Here we go, bound again
Let the changes never end
Hope that we don’t stay the same
As we’ve always been —
Constant. Constant.

Constant soul, constant heart
Constant people, a world apart
Constantly changing…

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