Countless Reminders

Mistakes made in the past
Bring scars to the present
Tormented by immature reasoning
You struggle to start anew

With spirits high
You take on impossible challenges
To erase the permanent marks…

But wait
They’re not ready yet
To have to stop that constant habit
And accept the change

Present-day innocence goes unnoticed
Translated into so much more
By those cold and heartless…

Strong-willed, you prove yourself to them
And deep inside they see
But neglect to show…

Openly the waters are calm
But secretly the storm still rages
And will always remain forever
Now gradually they all fade
And new ones shine bright in your eyes,
Unaware of experiences in the past

They care for you
And are always tending to your needs
To them the past is unimportant…

These are your true friends,
The others were simply the world…

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