Every Day I Walk Away

Daddy, please forgive me
I’ve gone so far away
It seems like only yesterday
You brought me home to stay

In your arms is the only place I’d really rather be
But every day I journey out without bringing you with me

Every day I find myself scared and all alone
Missing all your blessings — my heart longing for home

For every day I walk away from the comfort of your love
Confident I can live life my own way
Every day I walk away
For Eden doesn’t always seem enough
To keep my wandering spirit at bay

Daddy, please don’t leave me, though I leave you time and again
Make me change the way I’m thinking and transform the way I am

Though my Spirit may be wild, it’s the one you gave to me
I would trade it for no other, for your Spirit sets me free

But I don’t want to go without you — every day I want you near
Come live my life with me so when you speak I know I’ll hear

Every day I walked away
Thinking I was living life alone
Hoping to prove to someone
I could do it on my own
But I’m a fool for even trying
And seeing my efforts spent in vain
Instead I want to follow One
Who’s been through all these things

Now every day I’ll turn to you — both morning and at night
And seek your loving wisdom and learn to do what’s right

Blessed are the blameless who seek an upright heart
Every day you declare me yours — every day a brand new start

Daddy, you’re my one and only
Forever you’ll be the same
You are my rock and fortress
And I will never be put to shame

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