Far From Home

[Luke 15:11-32]

Thank you, Father, for all you’ve done
But it’s time for me to go
I must leave this place to find success
And get out on my own

There’s a world out there that’s waiting
While opportunity calls my name
A chance for me to make my mark
There’s promise of glory and fame

Will you give to me what I deserve
I’ve worked long and hard for you
Let me have what’s mine and be on my way
I’ve got something I need to prove

I’ll come home again someday
With more than I have today
I’ll make you proud of all I do
And bring something back for you

The dreams I had have fallen away
This world has bled me dry
Success has gone to someone else
All I have is mud in my eye

I had done so well for so, so long
Things had been good for me
I’d built up my fortune, glory and fame
My life was fun and free

But my fortune paid for my glory and fame
And soon they all were gone
No friends, no foes, no one that cared
Now I’m broken, cold, alone

How can I ever come home to you
After all the heartache I put you through
I deserted you, I lived for myself
What right do I have to ask for your help?

I will beg to be least of all his men
I must go home if I can gather the nerve
I’m not worthy of his forgiveness
I will accept what I deserve

As I come home, I see you now
Have you been waiting there for me?
Father, I’m sorry, I’ve done you so wrong
I’m so sorry, can you see?

Why are you smiling? Why do you cheer?
Why are you dancing so?
Do you not see what I have done
Do you understand, do you not know?

“I understand, yet you do not รข??
I’m rejoicing, can’t you see,
Because all this time you have been gone
And at last you’re home again with Me!”

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