Give Thanks to the Lord

Give thanks to the Lord,
Rejoice in His name.
Blessed was the earth
The day that He came.

To save and protect us,
He died on that day
To bring us salvation
And wash sins away.

Our Savior is He
And Champion o’er death;
Proclaim His great name
With every new breath!

He suffered and died
Then He rose up above;
Let’s sing of His glory
And tell of His love.

Give thanks to the Lord;
For us, He did die;
And with Him our sins,
Sing His name on high!

He rose in great glory
May all the world hear
Of God and the story
That’s told loud and clear…

A great sacrifice
We cannot repay
But with word and deed
And love that doth stay.

We raise up our voices
In gleeful accord
With great exultation
Give thanks to the Lord!

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