Glass Dreams

Spirits stem from the roots of desire —
Some as strong as the sea
Some others still
A bit more fragile
And a few that will never be

The ones with power shine
With blinding light
While nothing can stand in their way
Serving as the source of strength and purpose
Leaving nothing to be led astray

A few that want to have the might —
Searching for the strength to be bright —

Tragic it seems are the fragile dreams
Without purpose in their tread
Ready to shatter
At the first stone thrown
Or collapse at the first thing said
But once in a while
Something ignites the flame
And pushes that soul ahead

Spirits arise from the ashes of fire
To restore all that is destroyed
Some others still
A bit more tired
And a few that are null and void

The ones without substance are never heard
Any confusion will drown them out
Serving as stones
To be picked up and thrown
At the dreams that show some doubt…

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