Hidden Logic

Why did you say I couldn’t go out tonight?
There must be a reason that my mind just cannot see
I will find out why you always say ‘no’ to me

Why am I never to talk to strangers?
Is there something that my mind should be telling me?
Is everyone that I don’t know out to get me?

Please won’t you tell me
What it is you think I should know?
There are some things in this world
I just don’t understand
It’s your job to give me a helping hand
Show me that you care
Tell me so I can see
The hidden logic in the
Wisdom that you share

Am I the actor or the audience?
Should I repeat my lines so all the world can hear?
Or should I just sit back and take it all in through my ears?

Have I been put here to kill or stay alive?
They each go hand in hand so I don’t know which way to turn
Help me to decide, teach me so I can learn

Will you show me everything that’s wrong and right?
Will you show me when to take a dive and when to fight?
Help me when in trouble, give me guiding light

I sense there’s someone watching in the night
I feel the power growing and it scares me to the bones
Hold me with a Mother’s love so I don’t feel alone…

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