I See You

You’re always on my mind
You’re always on my heart
I can’t imagine a world without you
I love being your partner
And I love being your friend

But you can’t read my mind
And you can’t feel my heart
And I know I must express myself to you
But circumstances separate us
And the days get in the way

But I lay here now at your feet
And I let go all my fears
Wanting nothing more than to hold you
Even closer after all these years
You are my everything
Though I know it’s rarely shown
I want to take you on an adventure
Where only we can go

Forgive me for my selfishness
Forgive me, please, my pride
I don’t want you to be my secret
But circumstance consumes me
And peace has left my side

But here now I return to you
Please fill me with your love
Hold my hand as we live the adventure
With guidance from above
We find refuge in each other
And a strength that won’t be shaken
We have power that will overcome
And a truth that cannot be taken

I look into your eyes
And I see your heart
I look into your heart
And I see you…

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