In the Garden (of Gethsemane)

[Matthew 26:36-42]

My heart is heavy, my spirit weak
How can you ask me to go on?
This cup is too full, I cannot drink
Is there any other way?

As I try to shine as a light for you
To show your people the way
They cover their eyes
And drown me out with their fears
Their sorrow overwhelms me;
Father, please give me strength
For what you ask — I cannot do

It’s so hard for me to see right now
The value of this task
I feel I could do so much more
If only I was given the chance

Though many try to believe your words
Which through me they hear
They cannot understand
This world pulls them away
Even now, my closest friends sleep —
The ones who are supposed to walk with me;
The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.
I feel cold — I am alone
My Father, please stay by my side
Do not abandon me

Why can’t they all believe me
And believe who I say I am
I only want to bring them hope and peace
And to bring them close again to you

So many are the wicked
That they have sent me here to die
Why should I go through with
All this pain and suffering
When they don’t even care?
When they don’t even know my name?

My heart is filled with sorrow;
It hurts so much I could die
Please take this cup away from me
For I cannot drink it.
Don’t you love me?
Why would you ask this of me?
Do you love them all that much?
Despite all that they’ve done to you?

Father, if this is the way it must go
May it be as you command
Please give me the strength
To carry out all that you have planned

Father in heaven, as I pray to you now
You fill me with your love
I trust in you with all my heart, that
Your will be done in heaven and on earth;
If I must drink this cup that it may go away
So shall it be —
For my life is but a mist, and what I want
Has no meaning
I am your humble servant, O Father;
So let’s complete what we’ve begun.

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