In the Middle

I want to be in the middle of the battle
So that I can see your victory
I want to be lost in the middle of the ocean
Where your power washes over me

I want to stand in the middle of the fire
So that my heart can be purified
Keep me in the middle of humiliation
That I would not know pride

Put me in the middle of the struggle
So that I can know what it is to fight
Let me live in the middle of what’s wrong
That I would learn to love what’s right

Put me in the middle of a hurricane
For only there can I learn peace
Overwhelm me with your presence
Where your wonders never cease

Place me at the center of creation
That I may see how small I am
In the middle of a canyon
Where I am not so grand

Set my feet in the middle of the path
That I may practice walking the line
Draw my heart to the middle of yours
That I may know you all of the time

Let me grow in the middle of your word
That I may always know the truth
At the center of great suffering
Where I must rely entirely on you

Let me stay in the middle of the crisis
Where only patience can grow
And be swept away by a mighty current
Where I must give up all control

Let me stand in the middle of failure
Where only you can lift me high
Dying of thirst in the middle of the desert
Where only living water can satisfy

Keep me in the middle of great adversity
Where I can train to persevere
In the middle of thorns and thistles
Where the path of life seems clear

Let me often be filled with sorrow
For only then can I know true joy
And be there when just one sheep is found
And sing along in a joyful noise

Send me out into the wilderness
Where your light can shine most bright
And then bring me into your presence
That I may stand in everlasting light

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