In the Midst of a Dream

In the midst of dream
We perform our little plays
Each day just another scene
Speaking lines that don’t seem clear
Putting feeling in a phrase
Each of us, are we really here?

Are we just in the midst of a dream
Are we really what we feel
Sometimes in the midst of a dream
Everything appears to be real

Shall we one day disappear
All of us just not exist
Because of someone’s sudden fear
Why worry what your next step will be
For when the time comes to resist
We will all fade so easily

Creative ideas
With no apparent fate
Visions of someone
Truly filled with hate
We see the climax
But we never see the end
We pretend to understand
The problems of a friend
In the midst of a dream

When this nightmare is complete
And we’ve all been wished away
Somewhere else perhaps we’ll meet
“To be or not to be”
I once heard someone say
When I was in another dream…

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