Is God Enough?

Father, don’t you hear my prayers?
I praise and glorify your name
But you don’t seem to care my cares

Father, don’t you see my deeds?
I humble myself for you
But you don’t seem to need my needs

I told you I would die for you
Aren’t my words enough?
Why must you take good things from me?
Why must this life be so rough?

Why do you continue to test me â??
Isn’t my devotion clear?
What must I do; what must I say
So I know that you can hear?

Father, won’t you feel my love?
I give you all I am
I’ve set my heart on things above

Father, calm my troubled heart
Bring me close to you
From you I can’t stand to be apart

I need you to know you’re all I need;
Test me — that it may be shown
I’m not afraid, because I have your love
And the promise that you’ve made known

If you must know you’re all I need
Then test me — I understand
For I know you’re there when I call your name
Because you hold me in your hand…

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