It Was Me

[Luke 22:47 – 23:34]

I watched him in the garden
Greet his friend there with a kiss
Silent as he was led away
Though the soldiers had much to say
Against him

I watched him in the courtyard
Afraid they’d take him too
With fear he denied he was a friend
On his courage he could not depend

I watched them in the temple courts
As they accused and lied and screamed
They cursed him for all the right he’d done
I watched them as they beat him
And put thorns upon his head
“Crucify Him! He says he’s his father’s son!”

I watched them as they led him
Up the long and winding road
They weeped for him along the way
Though they knew not what he’d done that day
Deserving this

I watched them as they stretched him out
Across a tree there on the ground
They took his clothes and bound him
Extending all his limbs
In pain

It was clear now that this was an innocent man
And I shouted for them to stop
But my blood ran cold when he drove the nail
Through his wrist from bottom to top
I grabbed the soldier by the arm
And wrestled the hammer free
I cursed him for condemning an innocent man
But when the soldier turned I saw…

That it was me

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