I’ve Been Called

[Matthew 28:18-20]

The path lay straight
My eyes are fixed on the road ahead
But at my feet
Lay the bones of those who have gone before
It seems so clear
The steps that I’ve been called to take
But who can know
What it’s like to walk in my shoes?

But I’ve been called to make a difference
Called to lead the way
To dig beneath the surface of the smiles
To find the hearts that have decayed
To bring them hope and promise
Of a love that never ends
And the truth about a man whose blood
Washes away our sins

It’s plain to see
What so many just can’t understand
He is the Truth,
The Way, the Life — He is my Lord
I must go
Wherever He may take me ’cause
He is the Light
And I’ll take Him wherever I go

Woe the man who walks beside the road
Cutting a wayward path to the unknown
Searching for his own way home
He knows not where he goes

I’ve been called
And I agreed
I’ve been called
And now I’m freed
I’ve been called to face my fears
And now I hear
What God’s been trying to tell me
All these years

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