Light in the Sky

“White and full of life it was. Brighter than light itself; it came as a brilliant flash.
I took a deep breath and sighed in exasperation — it seemed as if forever…

And they called it a super-nova; I called it magnificent.  And, though not as quickly as it had
come, it faded.  The colors of all that were alive filled the sky — then it was gone…”

The night sky lit up
The glare broke through the darkness
Stars and the waning moon faded away
For a moment time stood still
As sometimes it will
It came as if to stay

Things will come
And things will go
And when they do
No one can know
Why they come to stay
But end up going away

It appeared so greatly
Then died with equal magnitude
All the greatest colors of a rainbow’s yawn
For a moment life stood still
As sometimes it will
Then all of it was gone…

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