Looking Back

[Numbers 11:18-20]

Out of slavery; into the desert
Out of bondage; into Life
We need only walk the path He leads
But sometimes it seems too much

Where are we going, Lord?
Where are you leading us to?
How much longer until we’re there?
When will we be through?

This road is rocky, this way is hard
There must be an easier way
Maybe it’s not too late to return
To that place from where we came

You promised us a special place
That we could call our own
And be with you forever and ever
Please bring your people home

We’re happy that you’ve rescued us
We’re thankful for Your love
But why out here in this desolate land
Haven’t we suffered enough?

But I guess we’ll keep on moving
In You we must place our trust
Forgive us our fear and grumbling and doubt
We forget that your love is enough

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