Lord’s Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven, holy is your name. May your kingdom and righteousness come here into my life and the lives of all believers. And may your will be done through me as I pursue your righteousness and walk alongside you.

Thank you for today and everyday, as I know you have and always will provide just what I need, and for the needs of my family, however great or small they may be.

Because I understand the forgiveness you’ve given me and the mercy I continue to receive through the blood of Jesus Christ, it is easy for me to be forgiving to others, regardless of the circumstance.

Help me to stand up under all temptation so that I can remain apart from sin. Let it not be my master, but you, in everything I say and do.

For this is your kingdom, and it is for your glory and it is by your power that all things are possible. You are my God, my King, my Savior, my Refuge, my Strength. And I have no good thing apart from you. Amen.

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