Method to the Madness

Simplicity beyond expression
Ideas beyond control
Foresight into the master plan
Which not even you can know
So no one can understand

Hoping it will come together
Praying it will all work out
Putting to work the master plan
Using the easiest route
Doing the best that you can

For there is method to the madness
A scheme beyond compare
There’s system to the chaos
Of which you are unaware

A shining hope — a brilliant star
That you can’t believe
A quiet thought — a brilliant dream
That you can’t retrieve

Searching for minds that know the scheme
To help you in your quest
To make the master plan seem clear
Putting it to the test
To place contentment much more near

Once in a long and lonely thought
Something guides you along
The master plan comes plain to view
Though others thought you wrong
For courage manages the new

Victorious in your struggle
Of effort by dreams born
Glorious in your battle
Between the love of vision
And of system scorn…

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