They walk the night in aimless vain
Silent and unsure
Restless and remote
To find a place that’s never been

Like lost sheep without a flock
Fearless and forgotten
Quiet and cool
Souls caught in an unknown world

Another day is
One more thing
To just fade away
Life without purpose
Life without a smile
Wishing they could stay
For just a little while…

Like a thunderstorm without a cloud
Without direction
Without aim
Voices without a sound

Trapped in a place they don’t belong
Feverish uncertainty guides them along
Wandering, discovering —
Hidden from the focused eye

Hoping for a single moment
Which we can call our own
Kicking and scratching to fit in
We fight for the bone
The Passion overwhelms us
The fires glow too bright
We stumble through each day
They slip away in the night…

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