As the sun hammers its blazing heat
Upon the drying clay and sand
I find some shade amidst scattered stones
On the horizon I see a tree
Reaching into the sky
As I walk I trip on scattered bones

I’m a hundred miles from nowhere
I hear echoes of a knell
I’m a hundred miles from somewhere
Where hungry creatures dwell

The moon shines quietly in the eve
While the nightlife stalks its prey
And I stagger on to find a tree
It’s out there waiting patiently
Knowing I’m on my way
I continue my quest, patiently

Today the sun is even hotter
Than it ever was before
I wring my shirt onto my swollen tongue
Death never seemed any closer
These rocks are rough and sharp
I will reach the top before I’m done

At the top of these jagged cliffs
I’ve found what I have seen
An oasis in a world of death
Life in leaves of green

Half-a mile from paradise
In a land of dust and heat
My mind relives some childhood fears
As I approach this welcomed sight
It begins to fade away
I fall upon it — it disappears

I’m a million miles from nowhere
I hear echoes of the knell
A million miles from nowhere
I stumbled into Hell…

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