[Psalm 16:5-6]

Life sure can be overwhelming
To the point I feel so sick inside
The world appears
To feed on my fears
And it seems I have no place to hide

Lord, I don’t know where I’m going
Though I certainly know where I’ve been
Can you guide me along
This path that seems wrong?
Let me fall back in your arms once again

The days just seem harder and harder
As if nothing I do makes a change
My steps seem to falter
As I fall at the altar
Of the world I’ve tried to arrange

Some say that their cup is half empty
But mine seems to be way too full
I struggle to carry
This cross that’s so heavy
If I set it down, will you help me pull?

You give me so much responsibility
I feel I’m spread way too thin
It seems like enough
Is just way too much
And I know not where to begin

You can fill me with strength and with courage
To confront the challenges that come
O give me the might
To be strong through the fight
And the peace to stand tall when it’s done

My cup was once just half empty
And my portion a tad bit too small
I struggled to see
What was in front of me
As you prepared me through it all

Now I wish this chalice was half empty
Instead of spilling all over my feet
But now I would think
Should I continue to drink…

I’ll need to get a bigger cup

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