Part of the Darkness

Part 1

Greater than infinity
Larger than the sky
Within the hardened hearts of steel
The feeling you can’t hide

Conscious of those staring eyes
Looking in from the dark
Makes your hair stand up on end
As the fear you have sets in

Fear’s part of the darkness
That keeps you on your toes
The part of the darkness
The darkness you don’t know

Set the stage for imagination
As you encounter new sensations
With widened eyes and much demise
You have unseen relations

Beyond the realms of sanity
And blind courageous acts
Heartbeat quickened in an effort to
Discern fiction from fact…

Part 2

Look into the eyes of darkness
Waiting to possess
Tragedy presumed as myth
Another victim is the fifth this year

Annihilation and destruction
And nothing less
But all shall hold such things as lies
And turn their heads when they hear cries of fear

It’s a part of the darkness
Which must be destroyed
A part of the darkness
Which cannot be enjoyed,
It must be stopped

Be careful, watch your step
But don’t look back
Just keep on moving all the time
And never stop to look behind the trees

Darkness surrounds your mind
It knows your fears
You’ll spend everyday secluded
When you find your dreams concluded in Chinese…

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