As raindrops fall upon the pool
They shatter what was there
They break apart a quiet thought
With gentle care

Rippling mirror — a fleeting view
Magic reflections — where one becomes two
Wonderful pictures — some old and some new

When you see them for the first time
You stop and stare
And knowing they will come again
Leaves promise in the air

The water glimmers brilliantly
A boy casts his line
Time to wonder, time to dream
Time out of mind

Shimmering silence — a memory born
Honest reflections will always be warm
Magical feelings take shape and form

When you feel them for the first time
You feel good inside
And you later wonder why they try
To break your heart open wide

Some things rise up from the past
And bring good feelings alive
Some pour salt on open wounds
To see if you’ll survive

Sometimes you don’t know what you would find
If you looked deep into your mind
To touch the remains of forgotten time

When you catch a moment,
Hold on tenderly
Don’t let it pass your fingertips
So easily

When you see reflections of yourself
You smile and then you cry
Remembering the good and bad
And the dreams you left behind

You look into the mirror
To see the face of one you met

Asking questions to find out more
Trying to get behind every closed door
But what is it you are searching for?

Questions asked and answers found
But still there’s nothing gained
We all have the good and bad
To us forever stained

When raindrops fall upon the pool
Reflections disappear
You then look up and wonder
Why you were ever here…

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