[Matthew 6:19-24, Psalm 39:11, Psalm 49:10, Psalm 16:5-6, Luke 12:16-21]

Fix your eyes on things of Heaven
Not on treasures of the earth
Set your sights on things eternal
Not on those of passing worth
For the moths will come
And the rust, it will destroy
And the thieves will come and take it all away

Store up the everlasting
And the blessings they will flow
He will keep His promise to you
Keep His words and you will know
What it means to be
A rich and wealthy man
The life of whom will never see decay

And the riches of His love rain down from Heaven
The river of His mercy flows so deep
His power and His glory shine forever
While the promise of His love will always keep

Lord, You gave to me all I have
What You give is all I need
So I won’t look for man to give me
A portion more than you’ve decreed
You fill me up
And I am satisfied
The things You give compel me to share

So I set me sights on Heaven
And Your kingdom here on earth
Your love, it draws me nearward
My heart, You keep it pure
For the day will come
When it all passes away
And all will have to answer You there

And it won’t be long
‘Til I see Your face
So I’ll sing my songs
While I stand in Your grace…

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