Second Thought

Irrational decision
Ignorance second-guessed
To find the solution
That ultimately seems best

Conditional surrender
To voluntary control
Consequence awareness
Takes unfamiliar hold

With split-second appeal
We can change our mind
As second base we steal
The crowd can be quite unkind
As the tick of the second-hand
Makes the pressure strong
Our second thoughts
Could prove to be wrong

Rational indecision
Afforded seconds less
Can’t take foolish chances
On choices made under duress

Horrendous conditions
Forced on you each day
Logic and emotion
Each have their roles to play

Asking for second opinions
Hoping to survive
Deserving of a second chance
To live out our lives
As the tick of the second-hand
Makes our skin feel tight
Our second thoughts
Could turn out to be right

Called upon to decide
And make the final choice
We close our eyes to hear the voice
That will help us save our pride…

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