Sing a New Song

[Psalm 40:3]

Love flows around me; joy flows through my heart
For it was not a year today I was given a brand-new start
To live a new life and die to the old;
Out of the darkness and into His fold.

I came from a place that was lonely and dark;
Hiding in the shadows; swimming with sharks.
The blind lead the blind into the pit of despair:
No love, no truth, no hope, no care.

I ran with the wolves and sang songs to the dead.
Praying that I was elsewhere instead.
My family was crumbling, my marriage on the ropes
I was failing in my journey, devoid of all hope.

“Where are you, God!” one day I cried.
Not expecting an answer, I never really tried.
“Right here,” he responded, but I couldn’t see,
I was too busy worrying all about me.

I’d wonder and ask, why can’t I know Him?
Why are my chances of salvation so slim?
I knew about Jesus and what He had done,
I believed that the Lord had sent His own Son!

He died on that day on the cross for all sin,
But “why” was the question that haunted me then.
I couldn’t imagine the love He must feel
Or why He would bother to strike such a ‘deal’.

But in His due time, He opened my ears.
He gave me the power to face all my fears.
I sat down one day and listened to His Words,
And for once they didn’t sound so absurd.

They were challenging and harsh; they cut open my heart.
They exposed my sin and cut me apart.
My face had been hidden, with myself but to blame;
But He showed me great mercy which lifted my shame!

In response I shared in Christ Jesus’ death,
Of water and spirit I breathed my first breath.
My sins are forgiven, my hope is restored;
God is my Father, and Jesus is Lord!

For I now understand what Jesus has done,
He didn’t die for all men, He just died for one!
Because of me He was lonely, if just for a day,
Separated from God, so very far away.

Though my sins forgiven, I’ll never forget:
That day I was given the Spirit, and my spot in Heaven set!
My heart is glad and my tongue rejoice!
I praise the Lord with all my voice!

It’s taken a lifetime, but “Father, I’m home!
Thank you for waiting, I’m no longer alone.
Please hold my hand, that I may stay close,
Please keep me humble, that I may not boast.”

He called me that day to walk in the Light!
To know Truth and Joy; to feel His might.
In all that I do, He’s the reason it’s done
That I may be considered His adopted son.

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