Slipping Away

Time and again we find ourselves
Slipping into something real
Letting go of imagination
Losing the creative feel

We tangle on the red tape
And we lose control
We gamble our hearts and minds
And we sell our souls —

Stumbling around
From day to day —
We trip and fall
Then we just slip away

Torn from the flesh of fantasy
Pulled from the mind of make-believe
Knocked-out by the punch of sanity
Slipping away

Musician, painter, poet, author
Losing that special touch
Eyes with the ability to see
What the world misses so much

We’re cast into confusion
The world — a state of mind
Pushing away creation
How much are we leaving behind?

In touch with the world
In sight, in sound
Involved and bound
On a merry-go-round…

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