Social Surgery

Somewhere underground —
Underworld — changing of the guards
Bad judgement when they needed good
Unlucky draw of the cards

Vanished from the face of the earth
Retired at an early age
Time to bring the new kid in
Start him at a higher wage

Somewhere in office —
Overworld — changing of the fools
Tried when someone else was watching
Caught while breaking the rules

Get down and start a whole new life
Reached the end of the line
Go on home and fish awhile
Now that you’ve paid the fine

Slip them through the woodwork
Filter out the embarrassments
Must keep the package neatly wrapped
Hide apparent nuisance
Decrease the public awareness
Must keep the bottle tightly capped
And out of sight

Somewhere in town —
Around town — prejudicial scars
Always someone unwanted
In schools, at work, in bars

Cast out onto decaying streets
Just keep away from here
We don’t want you anymore
Just don’t come near…

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