The Darklight

Standing on the edge of the Pharaoh’s tomb
Wall emitting light
The natives know they all are doomed
They stand motionless with fright
No one moves — timeless waiting
Amidst the anxious night…

Silver and gold
As they were told
Lay buried amongst the dead
Yet they knew
What they must do
To take it all instead

An ominous feeling hangs in the air
The natives turn and flee
Those in greed tremble and stare
In frightened disbelief
The crypt is opened slowly with care
Photographers stealing the scene

Vicious colors of amber and red
Startling evermore
Growing strong in the Pharaoh’s den
The light takes shape and form
A furious tremble shakes the men
As their hearts and souls are torn

Life and death
A glowing breath
A dark and silent sign
Hope and fear
Are nowhere near
But are now combined

The darklight slowly surrounds them each
Power and evil are teamed
They realize now what they’ve unleashed
They claw trying to scream
They twist and crumble from the awesome shriek
And dissolve into a dream…

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