The Driver

Adjust the mirror — put the seat up
Can’t wait to hit the morning road
Start it up — rev it higher
Exhaust paints the pavement — smog mode

See the pale blue sedan at the corner
A faint shadow behind the wheel
Curly gray hair peeking over the dash
Is this demon of steel for real

Eight a.m. and they’re all on the road as criminals
Everyday they take the same course
Fighting each other — opposing forces
They battle it out
They curse and shout
And drive without remorse
The Driver must survive

A game without any rules
Every driver is out of time
They’re either late or they want to be early
Unless you’re caught, it’s not a crime

If the tape deck isn’t working
Then the system becomes perverse
Sunglasses shade responsibility
And the situation gets much worse

It’s true you can tell a person by the way he drives
Though they’re professional in every way
They test their skill every day
With dodges and swerves
Defying the curves
Not taking time to play
It takes hard work to survive

When night falls upon the dissension of peace
The Driver becomes renascent
The rules of the game have changed again
And nothing remains innocent

Just keep on driving — you never know
Just how far you can go

Driver do yes — he’ll be okay
Driver do no — the same
Driver do kind of “in between”
Driver will lose the game…

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