The Fortress

(part 1 of Survival)

I The Preparation

The mote is filled
And the drawbridge tight —
Their weapons are their tools
For survival
For the Guardians of the fortress
Prepare to defend themselves
Against a hungry pack
Of wolves

The clouds come rolling in
Death watches with a grin…

Fear and Courage
Partners in a lonely quest for more
Their strategy is fate
Live by the sword, die by the sword

II The Empire

The Imperial leaders ponder
A hopeless way around it
Their tyranny’s caught up with
Them at last
Power wasn’t everything
They always wanted more
So now their flags flutter at half-mast

The rebels flow over the hill
With sharpened blades for the kill…

Fear and Hope
Foes in this grotesque display of greed
Time stands still
By the sword they live, by the sword they bleed…


The battle’s ended
The rebels are dead
The fortress had withstood
The tremendous strain
But another force is coming
And there will always be one more
Until the Empire’s suffered its greatest

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