The Foundation

[Matthew 7:24-27]

I’ve spent a lifetime learning
All the things I needed to know
Doing what I wanted to do
Going where I wanted to go
I may not be the best, but I’m the best I can be
Who else can run my life better than me?

I’m better than all the others
That fall by the side of the road
They need others by their side
To help them carry the load
But I can stand on my own two feet
I may not dance, but I keep my own beat

So why should I give up all I’ve begun?
How can I forget all I have done?

I’ve built my life with my own hands
With my own sweat and my own tears
Through the work of many years
It’s just that I know no other way
I can’t just get up and walk away
The world just wouldn’t understand

But now as I grasp to save my life
Which I built upon the sand
Although it was bright and beautiful
It falls now through my hand
It seemed so strong, it seemed so right
But now the sunshine turns to night

I’m not afraid, I’ll use my lamp
I’ll rebuild what I have made
I did it before, I’ll do it again
On the foundation I once layed
This must be the only way to go
I must rely on what I already know

Or could there be a better way to go?
For the first time in my life I just don’t know

I’ve built this life with my own hands
With nothing but sweat and tears
And no reward for all those years
I just never knew any other way
And now if I got up and walked away
The world just wouldn’t understand

I admit to you I’d like your help
But let me guide you through
I’ve a certain way of doing things
Help me do what I want to do
Work with me, I have the lead
Work for me, I have the need

Why can’t you please just help me?
Help me or leave me be

The sea has washed away the sand
And I need something to build upon
Something that is very strong
Perhaps I’ll use this hardened ground
This rock that I have found
It’s surrounded by fertile land

I understand, I need you now
I guess I always did
To guide me and teach me how it’s done
As when I was just a kid
I thought myself to be so grand
While all this time it was your great hand

Lead me now, down the path of Life
Guide me with your own hand
Show me what I need to do
Show me where I stand
As I hear your words it all seems clear
“I’m sorry” is all you need to hear

I put my life into your hands
Your will for me comes first
For I know I will never thirst
I know now there’s no other way
To have a life that will always stay
Though the world just doesn’t understand

Do the hills seem lower?
Or has the sky gone up too high?

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