The Host

I feel the winter coming
I feel the cold
I sense a storm approaching
But I’ll just turn my back
And close my eyes…

When first the Earth
Gave birth to days
We took to it as our own
When the sun shone on our faces
We knew we’d be going places

As the world turns
Things come undone
Actions go unchanged
Songs go unsung
So much time spent finding the cure
No moments lost
In stopping the cause

We drain the life force
That gives us life
We tire the strength
Of Creation
Turn on our machines
And close our minds…

Waiting out the fools
Who wait for others to change their ways
Mother sits and folds her arms
And turns off her alarms

Concern — misguided hope
Takes a final curtain call
Mother’s hope for a future
Bows with it all
On who’s shoulders does the burden fall?

We stand and watch our own decay
As we dig down to the bone
Finding our niche
In the depths of despair


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