The Mountain

[Matthew 17:20-21, Matthew 21:21]

I look down upon the valley
I look out across the sea
It rises up and touches the sky
This powerful, immovable peak

But it stands proudly between where I am
And where I need to be
He’s calling me to the other side
To a place I cannot see

This mountain stands like a monument
To all that keeps me here
It blocks my every move
Impedes my furtive steps
And binds me year after year

I stand here in this valley
I can smell the salt of the sea
I can see how far I have traveled
I’m reminded of where I used to be

But it mocks my every effort
In my path, it stands so mightily
It shows contempt at my most sincere desires
This powerful, immovable Me

This mountain stands against me
And casts its shadow on my dreams
If only I could find the strength
If only I could pick it up
And throw it into the sea!

This mountain seems impossible
To move on just faith alone
But as a seed, faith grows inside of me
Like a great and mighty tree
Whose roots can move the heaviest stone

And He can move this mountain
If I would just climb down
Lay down my shining crown
Let my knees drop to the ground
And let His glory abound

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