The Music of Sound

Oceans roaring, carving rocks
Ravaging the seaside docks
As the tides ebb sandy shores
You can hear the music play

Stormy nights —
Rain falls in harmony
Keeping time —
Thunder claps in rhythm
Beating in furious glory

Whistling wind
Blows through the evergreens —
Flutes of old
Like something never seen
Played in glorious fury

A great symphony
Playing melodies
To all who disbelieve
In their power to create

Quiet nights —
Silence is deafening
Lost in time —
Playing without worry
Music never weakening

Singing birds —
Chorus still presiding
Keeping track
Of all that’s played and sung
Not to be played again

Weeks and months and years go by
But the music just will not die
And the best thing of it all
There is so much to go around…

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