The Seasons

In the spring, when blossoms are born and life begins anew,
Two Hearts became as one, with their Spirits, too, as true.
The trees, in chorus, sang in joy; the oceans roared their praise;
Earth trembled in exhilaration with as much noise as she could raise.

In the summer all was warmer, and though the wind had settled down,
Life was frolicking in the sun as the world turned ’round and ’round.
They sang and danced and laughed and played. Happiness was consuming.
Unaware of the changing world that threatened their very being.

In the fall came much confusion, and heartache, and distress.
So much, in fact, this Heart was cracked while their Spirits, too, felt less.
The leaves came down in sympathy; the sky poured out its sorrow.
The winds cried out their hollow pain with confusion about tomorrow.

But winter came. And the falling snow was a comfort to their wound.
The two, again, could feel as one as the sun and sky at noon —
Time would tell, but couldn’t know how strong its Love would be.
That fissure had sealed hard and true with a strength greater than the Redwood tree.

Seasons come and seasons go, while all the time great rivers flow
To carry along a grain of sand: finding home somewhere else below.
Seasons come and seasons go, while all the time the winds do blow
To carry along a seed of life: finding home somewhere new to grow.

Spring’s here again: to join the birds in rejoicing Heart’s rebirth.
Stronger than steel. Invulnerable Love. Born of incomparable worth.
Like the tide, emotions may rise and fall; but Our Love will never change.
For Our Heart is true. And Our Spirit is one —
Together we shall remain.

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