Time Out

We all know what it’s like to be free
Every man knows what he wants to be
And if you look hard enough you’ll find what you want
And maybe even something that you need

You wake up in the morning to find
That someone’s left you, left you behind
Don’t get discouraged, you’ll get back your strength
All it takes is a little bit of time

Now that you’ve got your final time alone
Don’t be so wasteful, and let it all be blown
Take your time and think it out
Be careful not to unravel what you’ve sewn

Dream yourself through the Milky Way
And if you wish by all means stay
Go up to live and don’t come down
At any time other than the day

Be free and o all that you wish
Shoot a bird or catch a fish
You’re on your own, now, enjoy to the hilt
But when it comes time for you to share
Don’t be selfish!

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