Treasure Hunt

Searching for more silver
And grains of gleaming gold
For eminence and esteem —
The prominent pastime of old

A constant quest
For more than can be
Possibly possessed
For power and oppression —
Hopelessly obsessed

Since the completion of the start
And commencement of the end
There’s one thing that’s always been —
The one mortal flaw
That unifies us all
And hardens the softest heart

Greater wages for less labor
A goal for all to share
For awe and admiration
From those who couldn’t care

To sustain self-certitude
For success and satisfaction
Use not fraudulent force
But the Heart’s pure application

Naive expectations
Of younger generations
“Have all or not a thing”
to gain what you’ve sought
and lose what you’ve got
Portrait of a dying king….

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