Unfailing Love

[Psalm 107:10-21,43, Matthew 15:8-9]

In the morning when the sun begins to climb into the sky
I feel a sense of urgency to be right in your eyes
You tug hard at my heart
And I strive hard not to part far from your ways

You have put your trust in man, but he’s not put his trust in you
He tries to live his life as if it was his to gain or lose
You press hard on his heart
And try to let him start to learn your ways

And though he’s heard your name on high
He looks up and often wonders why
He has no peace
He has no joy
He’s grown up from a little boy
And has great wisdom in his own eyes

In his time of trial, he turns far away from your love
In his hour of need, he asks for help from above
And you love him so much
You let him fall in such a learning way

He claims to know just who you are, but his thoughts are far from you
His words are full of mighty things though his walk is not held true
Yet because you love him so
You must let go and hope that he’ll come home

And he’ll praise your name on high
He just can’t understand quite why
He has no peace
Or self-control
For he has a hardened, weary soul
Faithlessness has brought a heavy sigh

Then one day he acknowledges your Spirit and the truth
And the seed finds fertile soil and takes strong root
He finds wisdom in your words
With joy now all the birds can sing your song

He looks back on his foolishness, his weaknesses and pride
To see a trail hidden in shadow, where the stalking lions hide
He just couldn’t see
How many others learned to follow his lead

Now I praise your name on high
Never understanding why
You showed me grace
And gave me love
By sending your Spirit from above
And giving me life while your Son went to die…

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