I know it wasn’t me you considered
As you hung there on that cross
In death you won sweet victory,
Bringing home so many who were lost

But I’ve been left behind to suffer
And to pay for all I’ve done
I’ve sinned too greatly against you,
Not worthy to be called your son

What I’ve done is unforgivable, even for you, O God
My sin is greater than your love could ever be
We shall always be at odds

I know I’m unforgivable and I must pay the price
Cast me aside and forget me, Lord
Just ignore my silent cries

I can’t accept this gift you bring
For it’s me who should give something to you
And I’m not ready, I’ve too much shame
I’m a fake and you are the Truth

Who I am is unforgivable and I cannot stand the light
Because I’m afraid the world will see me
And know that I am right

When I say that I’m unforgivable, don’t waste your time with me
I am deserving of only death
It should have been me upon that tree

Yet you continue to pursue me
Could it be I’ve misunderstood?
After all I’ve done you’d still let me in?
I just don’t understand why you would

There must be someone else more deserving
One with honor, morals and love
Someone other than this wretch before you
One that’s worthy of help from above

Or is it that no one’s unforgivable, no sin that’s greater than your love?
Is it true you knew me since before I was born
That I was the one you were thinking of?

I at least can say I’m sorry and then run right home to you
If you promise to forgive me
Then my heart will be renewed

I guess no one’s unforgivable, not even the likes of me
It’s never too late to set things straight
Or set the guilty free

“There’s no one more deserving, child
Of the love I’ve always had for you
I want you to stay with me forever
It’s good to have you home…”

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