Unsacred Domain

On a dark desert highway
There’s nothing in sight
And there is no light to aid view
All you can see is
What’s right in front of you
Your headlights don’t reach
As far as you want them to

And then
Just like a flash of light
It jumps out from the right
And you can’t stop in time
You try
To veer off to the side
But the road’s not wide
And you can’t stop in time
You can’t stop in time

You spend a day alone
In the desert sun
You can’t find an animal
Who’s days are done
They know when they’ll die
So they go off someplace and hide
Never to be found again

But as you drive on synthetic streets
You never think of what you’ll meet
Until you see such tragic death

Your favorite feline friend
Walks across the street
To get something to eat tonight
It heard the screaming tires
And saw the blinding lights
It couldn’t react
It just stood in frozen fright

And then
Just like a flash of light
You jump out in the night
(This happens all the time)
You stop
And stare at the man
With your friend in his hand
Who said, “I couldn’t stop in time
I just couldn’t stop in time…”

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