War of the Words

Sounds come out that I don’t understand
Those words mean nothing to me
Call out a word that I can see
Give me a sign, that we may share
Our thoughts we could compare

Lips move fast but make no sense
I cannot comprehend
Words come, I cannot send
This wall I cannot climb, I fear
These words are too unclear

While struggling with the words
Their meaning slowly dies
Some try to fight it, some ignore
Others wish compromise

Words apart
Come together when
Thrown from the heart
Their truth rises high and clear
For all the world to hear…

A mother and her teenage child
Take the battlefield
Their mouths and ears are sealed
The swords which both they wield
Cut deep like hard cold steel

Resting on the spoken sound
Communication is obscured
Attention focused on what is said
Instead of what should be heard

We speak our minds when no one hears
To open minds with unopened ears
Searching for love and understanding
Not lost souls that are so demanding
Looking for someone to hear us cry
For someone to share our tears…

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