What Have I Done?

[Matthew 26 – Present]

What have I done?
This man has done nothing wrong
Yet I’ve betrayed him into the hands of men
He stands condemned though he was innocent all along

I can’t live with the pain

What have I done?
I claimed not to have known you
I did just what I promised I wouldn’t do
What kind of friend is concerned only for himself?

My Lord, please forgive me

You’ve done nothing wrong!
Except be a friend to those who needed love
You took a stand to show the world the truth they never knew
You took the burden of our sin and you gave us all
A chance to be forgiven
But we mistreated you and we tortured you
And we betrayed the trust you gave
Yet still you loved us
When you could have walked away
Still you died that day…

What have I done?
Surely this was the ‘Son of God!’
Yet I crucified him with my own hands
I closed my eyes and now I am filled with tears

How could I have been so blind?

What have I done?
All you’ve ever done is give your love
I thought that I could live my life alone
I turned my back and ignored all of your ways

How could I be so cold?

But you’ve set me free
From the chains of the sin that had a hold on me
You’ve helped me be
A new creation that I now can let the world see
You lifted me out of my despair
While you were still nailed there
Though I mistreated you
And I spat in your face
And laughed at you in your pain
You stood up for me
And begged God to forgive
What I couldn’t even see

My God! What have I done?

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