You Are All I Need

I fill my life with so much
I wonder when I’ll be satisfied
I fill my time with so much more
I wonder why I feel so empty

I try so hard to make a difference
If for no soul but my own
In search of my reason for being
In search of my reason for hope

Then I see you standing there
Reaching out to me
Amidst the storm and the waves
Calling out my name
What am I looking for that
I don’t already have?
What more is there to be
Than that which you made of me?

When I seek my own I am lost
But in you I feel safe and strong
When I chase after the wind
It carries me far from you

My mind ensnares me
My body betrays me
While my heart breaks from within
I am powerless and broken
I am hopeless and afraid
I am lost without you

Then I see you standing there
Crying out to me
Quieting the storm and the waves
Whispering my name
I’m not looking anymore
Because I already have it all
There is nothing more to me
Than everything you made me to be

You walk right by my side
And I feel ten-feet tall
You give me power and authority
To overcome it all

There’s nothing I can’t do
When I’m doing it all for you
And when I’m standing in your love
Nothing can make me fall

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